A guy new to the game. Still learning. Needs to be hit if he does wrong. Tough love.
Boss: "yo young nigga roll me a joint!"

young nigga: "Aite im on it"
by *PIMP* June 4, 2009
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A word used in describing a narcotic selling youth
Young nigga move that dope

-Maya Angelou
by potato wrangler September 14, 2014
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1. a nigga who aint that old

2. an alter ego of real ass nigga tyler the creator who is from the hood and shoots niggas in they dick when they mad. he also like expensive pasta
young nigga: i am changing my name so that it aint offensive and everyone can say it. im taking the young outta young nigga

by 4kt_tez June 1, 2020
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A Young Nigga that be getting money 24/7
A nigga that always ride for his Niggaz

A nigga that got love for errbody
Whoever makes money is a Rich Young Nigga, u should know that this attitude of mine is a whole lot bigger
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Dat young nigga who get money all day errday. Young rich nigga keep all his boys out da hole and out da pen. Young rich has never been caught lacking.
Look at that young rich nigga over there, that boy flyer than a airplane itself.
by Youngrich November 17, 2020
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A young scholar nigga is a nigga who protect his life in the streets, jam your shit and stain any and every opp. But best believe a young scholar nigga would never forget to cite his work.
aye man im just a young scholar nigga, but you still give stain for your shit bih.
by SK's Yunging September 25, 2017
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Originated in Venice FL made by a girl named Kayla and a young boy named Ethan. They then got their friends together and made a hustling winning team. People began to hate them due to jealously of how they were doing and started beef with them. After that they were heard of by all the jits in Venice and most wanted to join… so they ran with it . They got so many requesting to join them they had to make ways to let real n****s to join. Now they are known and have members from Sarasota County- Polk county FL. As of October 1, 2021. They represent a block where they all met at called rosedale it’s 2639 block that they represent and claim. They also call it YRDN for short. And their full name is young rosedale niggas the mob. There is also 5 ranks in YRDNS baby rosedale, rosedale jit, rosedale nigga/ bitch , OG rosedale nigga/ bitch , and highest rank at what they call a “ Yig Homie “ which is a big homie rank. They are known for good and bad things, but overall some good kids trying to make some money In a town full of people who hate them, and want to see them down. Some of them are also rappers and Have dreams of being famous or opening businesses of their own
by Greatmik October 1, 2021
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