Someone who is extremely talented in a particular form of art, Likes to read, write, and also enjoys to make music. Still growing as a person, Yet is soon to be the next big thing. Loves to interact with people of the same mindset and goals of success.
"Young Prodigy is an amazing artist, Cant wait till he goes on tour!"
by Dear Mama December 30, 2017
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on the verge of being “the most popular”; being a dick
these boys think they’re so cool because older kids call them young prodigy’s
by name_maker August 22, 2019
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Where do I start, he is just the most dreamiest man there is. Very good at BO4 might I add, and likes girls with M’s in there names.
“Young Prodigy is Daddy
by Your Nice Caring Mother June 23, 2019
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