Young Dro is a new rapper who was signed to Grand Hustle thanks to his good friend Tip Harris and they came together to make shoulder lean it is pretty hard.
by Cliffdog July 10, 2006
New rapper who is part of grand hustle. He's real tight with T.I. the king of the south. He emerged with his first single "Shoulder Lean."
T.I.: Let me se ya bounce right to left...
Young Dro: ...and let ya shoulda lean
Yet another flavor-of-the-week rapper. New and probably only album "Best Thang Smokin'" dropped on 8/29/2006. Generally represents everything wrong with hip-hop, with poor at best lyrics, no flow, and recycled, unoriginal beats. Support good hip-hop and not trends like "Young Dro" or "Rick Ross."
idiot: yo kid Young Dro is the shizzle, dat new joint Best Thangs Smokin be the bomb son!!!!!

educated person: listen too some real hip hop you fucking wack-ass poser.

idiot: waaaaaaaahhhhh mommyyyyyy!!!!!!
by Noizehed September 4, 2006