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a scout centre in the woods where; fun is not allowed, no sunnies, no sweatbands to campfires, dont leave popcorn pans unwashed, no hamsters, no talking too loudly in your own house, no one night stands, no free sex, sex pests lead instruct, do as management say not as they do, you must be in bed by 11, certain people wear trousers too tight, no limbo in discos, after you finish work you still have to work, never touch the easy button, dont leave antibacterial on the table, dont make jokes about safety, girls are always wrong and guys are always right, if the lead instruct takes a break it doesnt mean your allowed to, as soon as the lead instructs gone take a break, one conversation or no conversation, bolognaise every other night, cute poo pushers fix the drain, something always needs to be fixed, if your finished all your jobs do some more, dont drive the gator in high gear around site, dont ride the the go-karts down the hill, lead instruct knows everything there is to know about life, dont make tree houses, and last but not least always clean the picnic tables.
girl1: can me and girl 2 drive the gator around youlbury?
lead instruct: no you have to much fun
by Youlbury Rufus 2 June 12, 2010
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