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Your 'teacher' when you picked up some Martial Arts from YouTube
Student 1: Where did you learn that?
Student 2: From my YouTube Sensei
by ZondaHP April 02, 2015
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A troll who, despite lack of insight or knowledge of martial arts, will go onto videos and insert asinine comments. These comments could be blatantly bashing the martial artist who submitted/had a part in the video, giving condescending "advice" about the martial art, or just bragging about how good they are. These people are usually either self-absorbed "martial artists", people who get their "knowledge" from other internet sources, or a TV show/book, or people who are so narrow-minded in their belief of a myth that they will do anything to "defend" it.
On a Human Weapon video about Krav Maga:

Idiot comments: "See how anο»Ώ expert in Krav Magoo is destroyed by a peasant woman. (link to some misleading video that instantly destroys credibility)

You want to learn a "real" art? Learn Sambo, bjj, muay thai, join your Greco Roman wrestling club. Krav magoo is the style of Mr. Magoo and sadly, jooish marketing gimmic to separate you from your cash while teaching you worthless "techniques."", and two other comments just like this one.

Reasonable visitor/true martial artist replies: "Wow, what a YouTube sensei..."

On an aikido student's YouTube page, YouTube sensei comments: "Aikido sucks!"

Aikido student replies: "I don't have time for YouTube senseis like you..."

On a video about a zero-inch punch, trolls gather and give obnoxious comments containing comments like the following: "I could do a -1 inch punch!"; "You are just trying to one-up Bruce Lee, and failing!"; and "insert condescending statement here"

Martial artist replies: "You YouTube senseis need to get a life! Are you all such noobs at life, that you have to turn on your computers for hours on end and troll on videos like mine, instead of training like the martial artists you bozos say you are!? You make me sick. If you think my video is so bad, why don't you submit one of YOU busting your ass training? Or are you too much of a pussy keyboard warrior to do so? One more obnoxious comment and you will get INSTANTLY banned!"
by Juggernaut2011 August 12, 2011
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