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-Recklessly destructive/painful endeavors recorded JUST to put on YouTube

-Anything so ridiculously irresponsible, it needs to be recorded and uploaded onto YouTube ASAP
Rob: Yo Niel...why the hell are your pants bleeding?
Niel: (forcing a laugh)I put some peanut butter on my dick, got hard, and stuck it down a rabbit hole.
Rob: Why would you do something to YouTube Retarded?
Tom: (holding a cmaera) To put it on YouTube, duh...

Rob: Damn, that's the 3rd YouTube Retarded thing I've seen today...what's up with people?
Aryss: Sucky Sucky 5 dolla?
Rob: Aryss!? What the fuck are you doin' on the damn street corner? Aren't you supposed to be in class?
Aryss: Yeah, but I need more cash.
Rob: Why? I thought you had just enough money to get you through law school?
Aryss: I had more than enough, but I wanna become a Scientologist. That way, when I reach OT3, I can communicate with my Thetan and he together, we can overcome any "law" Xenu has laid before us!
Rob: Times like this make me wish I had a camera. I think they're hard enough to smack the sense back into yo' ass
by Magic Jesus May 29, 2008
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