Someone who does not have any girlfriends, sneaky links, or girl partner in any way.
"Yo lets play Gorilla Tag"
"Shut The Fuck Up You Get No Bitches"
by idkwhattoputherelmao March 5, 2022
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When someone says this to you, they are letting you know that you get no play. that you are unable to get girls.
Person 1:”I just got a perm.”

Person 2:”Wow bro, you get no bitches.”
by insideurmom06 January 30, 2022
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the person gets no fucking female's and should get some
A fuckboy named Timmy: hahaha you failed.
A n8gga that absolutely gets bitches: hop off my tip you get absolutely no bitches
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Someone who is a social outcast, gets no women. Can't hook up with people because of their actions. Unable to get a girlfriend and/or wife.
Someone: Yo is your name Trace, calls ppl gay because you have no better insults, thinks you're good at football when you're at most a decent QB, and is fat as fuck?

Trace: Yes

Someone: Damn, you get NO bitches
by fortniteyellowbattle May 1, 2022
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Something someone would say when they’ve never talked to a female in their entire life
Guy 1: You get no bitches
Guy 2: I gave your mom HIV last night after she told me that you’ll be a virgin for the rest of your life
by DiggityBick May 22, 2022
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Sam -“Hey Conner let’s make the lebron face”
Conner- “This is why you get no bitches Sam”
by Lebronlover23 May 23, 2022
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