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A Yonkee is hybrid between a junkie and a psychonaut... A "Dope Geek" in other words.

A person who doesnโ€™t mind making his/her romance with psychoactive drugs rather public by means of providing positive information about the spiritual use of shamanic/sacred plants and other mind altering substances. They challenge their fellow humans to ask themselves if "legal means safe" as a first step to question our belief systems.

Subjects to talk about with a yonkee : music and arts, quantum physics, brain chemistry, shamanic practices, energetic fields & alternative medicine, anthropology, cognitive science, magical thinking (causal reasoning that often includes such ideas as the ability of the mind to affect the physical world)

Some of the most significant personalities in the psychedelic community are:
Terence & Dennis Mckenna, Tim Leary, Daniel Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Alex Grey, Joe Rogan, Nick Herbert, Aldous Huxley, Carlos Castaneda, Antonin Artaud, Bill Hicks, Richard Alpert and Dr. Rick Strassman to name a few.
"We sat behind the bushes and watched a group of yonkees performing a Peyote ceremony up in the hills."
by Psychedelic*Queen December 29, 2009
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