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A self-centered, narcissistic, illiterate fuck, thinks he can get all the bitches, but in reality, he fucks eggs. He loves blowing chickens or roosters (aka cock). He is a dog lover and eater, occasionally taking a slurp of that cat, aka pu$$y. He is the loudest fuck you will ever know, getting flipped and flipping off other ppl on the daily. Often, he will scrap with middle-aged uneducated fucks who mess with him, especially when triggered on the bus.
A: HeY thEre YunG FeLlOw! Why are you being such an arrogant little fuck!
S: Well, pardon me sir, and excuse my french, but you should shut the fuck up and mind your own business!
A: Do you want to catch these fists or fish?
S: No sirry, but you are a wrinkly old ass, yoen so please go back to school and get educated you fuck!
by YOON MCGOON December 06, 2017
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A big fuck boy who loves cock. He writes poems and loves masticating and masturbation.

Basically a fat self stimulant fuck
Hey isn't that guy a yoen?
by BangerHomie August 23, 2016
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