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“You Know The Shits

YKTS, a lot of teenagers use that phrase now on snapchat and social media. You don’t say “ykts” you say out loud “ you know the shits”.
by that_gurljaytho January 01, 2018
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"you know that", a phrase used on the website relentlessly.
Woo hoo, twin 50s on my harris pinto'd Mk1, YKT!
by pippybongo May 14, 2007
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Young Kikky Team The Biggest Ballers going nd not shy of a fight rivals are anyone who isn’t YKT
Aww Fuck It’s YKT
by Martha Fae Michaels September 03, 2018
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YKTS = You Know The Score.
2000s expression commonly preceded by:
Hardcore, you know the score, rhymes so good they deserve an encore
by JeoGh0ul December 13, 2018
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