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A shortened version of Zhang Yixing, a member of EXO/EXO-M, a Chinese/Korean boyband from the company SM Entertainment. Zhang Yixing usually goes by his stage name Lay, and he is a unicorn, or as the EXO fandom, EXOtics, call him, Laynicorn. He has healing powers, as demonstrated in events such as their debut music video, MAMA, and television shows such as Weekly Idol, when EXO was featured.
Yixing is my bias from EXO-M and he is such as awesome popping-locking dancer!
by Kai's Wife July 20, 2014
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Yixing is a member of EXO also known as daddy or sheep or unicorn

But mostly daddy
πŸ’–: omg yixing is so cute!
πŸ’¦: I would say he’s more daddy
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by Pabosong August 17, 2018
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