A dangerous place in Singapore with many gang activities, car accidents, cat killers, public nuisance and strippers. Even in the shopping mall, there is traffic jams in and out of the car park.

Living in Yishun is really difficult these days.
Wen Lin: You want to go to Northpoint City?

Jacob: What? No! I mean like, the mall is at Yishun! And you know what's wrong at Yishun.
by Singlishy April 12, 2019
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A cool school with so much cool stuff. Surprising it's in the terror town of Yishun.
Tom: Hey dude! I got 255 for my PSLE. What school should I go?
Rex: Yishun Town dude!
Tom: But it's in Yishun!
Rex: then go die
by Ooflmaoimsoop April 14, 2019
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the top school of yishun but all the tiktok xmms and yps still exist

school too china until lower sec got DIZIGUI LESSON THAT NOBODY GIVES A SHIT
you think this school everyone chinese all A1 but 75% of students chinese cmi
Friend 1 : I heard chung cheng high yishun secondary school is the best school in yishun!
Friend 2: Sorry my psle score below 240, cmi
by chicken china nuggets August 15, 2021
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kenneth ng bagus discipline master

always scold express monitors then recess end at 1130am but bloody blow the whistle at 1115am
ur mother fly la
mr tan best principal of chung cheng high yishun”
by chicken china nuggets August 24, 2021
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