by May 23, 2022
ye( Kanye west)is an American rapper and he is the goat.
person 1: who's your favourite artist?
person 2:oh its ye
person 1:oh yea me too he's the goat.
by spectrexyz November 23, 2022
Literally means yeah or yes but considered the shorter version. Actually, I popularized it in 2017. You will be considered unusual if you use it outside of text.
Friend: hey you tryna chill tonight?
Genesis: ye
by gennybird February 19, 2019
The level of style, swag, sauce, finesse, or skill one has. Usually used to compare oneself to other people. Also when da founder as yours truly the one and only Jorhan Castillo says it in his own way in an conversational form
Person: lmfaooo dats jawnt was funny ash

Jorhan: ye 😭
by Papichuloj December 31, 2019
GEN-z's way of saying Yes, Yea, Yeah, Yup
Rebecca: Did you end up getting the ps5?
Jake: Ye
by Dexter007 December 9, 2020
It's the synonim of word ,,Yes''. Here are some other examples:

- Ye;
- Yep;
- Yes;
- Yeah;
- Yup;
- Yea;
- Yuh;
Gary: ,,Are you home?''
Clara: ,Ye.''
by Vince1003 February 21, 2021