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A little child that gets in the way constantly. A yemmie can usually be found at your local skate park, riding on a scooter, bicycle, or even just running around. Please take procaution when approaching a yemmie, for a yemmie can push you to your limits and make you want to punch babies.
Mark: dude Blazek, why havent you landed this cool trick!?

Blazek: because this stupid yemmie a.k.a young jellybean keeps getting in my way! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Mark: Fuck lil yems! yadadamean?

Blazek: For real! Fuck yemmies!
by slexapencer October 15, 2010
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Beautiful girl with indian roots. Pronunciation is based on indian families inability to correctly say the name amy. This inability has turned amy's name into a cute nickname. Amy is a very funny girl who amuses many. She is always smiling even as she is rejecting people of the opposite sex. This includes walking away with a big smile while at the same time rejecting a guy for a dance. BTW, this guy does not have any resentment and anger for that event in any sort of way shape or form. Also, her best friend is a boy by the name of denny who has nothing better to do then make fun of people and criticize them and tell em to go to get out of the front sit even though somebody else is already sitting there. Again, there is no resentment or ongoing anger for his actions. Amy is very beautiful and is wanted by many. She runs around and enjoys frolicking :)
Yemmie wants to see your ANIMAL!!!
by anonymous January 23, 2005
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