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A user on Yelp who uses the talk boards to cock-tease males and never show their face at an event; They often know all the inside jokes that nobody with a life cares about and also hide behind sexually suggestive pictures of themselves 10 pounds ago. They get off on spicing up threads by creating second troll accounts and are the first ones to announce that the talk boards are boring by creating a new thread titled "Post here when Yelp Talk is boring or sucks" when the threads are not centered around them.
Look, everybody's favorite Yelp Talk Whore is at it again "pointing to John's crotch." Just suck his cock already.
by Ivana P February 26, 2010
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Someone who can usually be found chatting away on Yelp Talk incessantly, contributing their 2 cents worth to all sorts of chat threads about things so vapid as asking others how much lint they picked out of their navel that morning in the shower... all in the name of trying to be the center of everyone's attention.
Jean The Bean is a Yelp Talk Whore. Day in and day out, she can be found on Yelp Talk or PMing her Yelp friends, unless, of course there's a Friday evening DYL (Destroy Your Liver), a Sunday DYK hike (Destroy Your Knees) or a Yelp Elite event happening somewhere.
by Not Really Me February 20, 2007
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