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The yellow car game is a game that is played when one is on the road.

One calls out a yellow car and they only get a point if someone else sees it

Buses and taxis don't count
John: Let's play the Yellow Car Game

Steve: okay

John: Yellow car!

Steve: I can't see it, so it doesn't count
by thunderstunned12 March 16, 2009
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when your in a car and you see a yellow car you have to say yellow car and you get to punch everyone in the car once. service and commercial cars don't count. you also get to slap one person as hard as you can in the face if you see a pink car because thats the rarest color.
person 1: "yellow car!"
person 1: (punches person 2 & 3)
person 3: "pink car!"
person 3: (slaps person 1 in the face)
person 1: "ouch yellow car game"
by cute lil kitty June 03, 2009
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A game that is played in a car in which the object is to spot a yellow car, yell "Yellow Car", and the last person to hit the roof with their hand must remove an article of clothing.

1.) Your occupied car must be started and traveling.
2.) Service vehicles do not count as yellow cars
ex. buses, taxis, tow trucks, ect.
3.) Socks, shoes, and hats do not count as clothing.
4.) The game begins when the car is started and ends when the car is parked and shut off.
5.) In the situation that someone falsey calls a yellow car and hits the roof the person must strip down bare.
6.) A car can only be called once. Calling the same car will be considered a "false call"
7.) The person who must remove an article of clothing has the choice of which article to remove.
Person 1: "YELLOW CAR!!" (hits roof)
Person 2 & 3: (Hits roof)
Person 4: "DAMN!!"
Person 1: "Lose the pants."
Person 4: "Damn Yellow Car Game."
by The Man PVCHS March 20, 2009
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A game involving the spotting of a yellow car whilst in another moving car, the passenger who sees the car can justifiably punch another member of the car.

Created in 2003 in Scotland by 2 girls from Northern Ireland whilst they were board
Jenna: Yellow car!
- hits other member of car
Kyle: Damn you yellow car game!!
by super_freaki_nicki January 09, 2010
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