that girl known to have the most beautiful face so flawless it looks like a doll.

she has a great body, beautiful large eyes that sucks you in. She rarely smiles and when she does the world stops.

"Yelena" means light or sun ray in russian
her name is exotic just like her beauty.

-runs up on the hallways-
"bruh!bruh, did you see that she just smiled!"
"ohh shit! where?"
by lemonadcandy November 17, 2013
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A true Russian Goddess. she has some hips that drives guys insane. She has long auburn hair and looks like she fell out of heaven.
Yo! look at that finnnne girl coming out of the water. She looks like the hottest mermaid I ever seen!
...Dude her name is Yelena and that's my girlfriend :/
oh... she's cute :)
by Vladimirski February 04, 2010
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Yelena is one of the best people u will meet. She is kind, beautiful, funny, and is very artistic and original. She is very understanding and has a great sense of humor. She has the best fashion sence and always looks stunning. She can sometimes get upset with you but you both will work it out, if you mean something to hear. She is a little shorter but that just makes her give you the most perfect hugs because she fits perfectly under your chin and hugs you extra tight if you are sad. She will always be there for you and will try her best to make u happy if u are having a rough day. If you ever meet a Yelena don’t miss the opportunity to be friends with her because she makes an amazing friend. 💜
Yelena: (starts singing) dragon tails dragon tails...
Me: (looks at her confused ) ohh.. dragon tails dragons tails
Both of us: iTS ALmoST tIME fOR DRAgON TAilS!!
by Shatface 😂 March 06, 2019
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an awesome, intelligent girl with great tits and personality
I'll name my daughter Yelena, so she'll grow up to be successful in all she does!
by loverlychick September 03, 2009
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a cheap hoe who sucks on dicks, but I know it will be hard because she has braces.
"Yelena sucks on so much dicks" - juleana
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the hottest and sexiest person in the entire world.
x: hey yelena looked so fucking hot in today’s episode right?!
by attackonyelena February 25, 2021
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