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is an extension of yeet, it describes a group of people who are all generally excited about the same thing and express that excitement with the term "yeet"
by trueniggs March 11, 2015
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A colloquial term indicating a group of people whose members do or are associated with actions or things that are extraordinary, sublime, or of a quality akin to yeet.

The group is specific to each individual and commonly ambiguated, extending across both micro and macro social contexts. That is, one's own homies can be part of the yeet squad as well as internationally known superstars or celebrities (Lebron James, Lil Pump etc). In the most general sense, a yeet squad is the group of people an individual designates as worthy of its membership.

Alternative spellings: y33t squad, yeet $quad, Y33t $$qu@d
*hits fadeaway 3 to win the game*
Teammate: "that's how yeet squad DO baby"

*party is dying*
Guy #1: "this shit lame, let's hit it"
Guy #2: "aight. YO, yeet squad out"
Guys #3-10: "Ayy yeet squad OUT"

*example of non-reciprocal yeet squads*
Person #1: "Wassup,, yeet squad fam 4 lyffee!!"
Person #2: "Uh what?"
by RAMBUTAN-RAMBUTAN December 26, 2018
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