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A variation of the term Bagoon (A Male Sexual Organ) In which the base word, bagoon, is amplified by the bizarre Suffix "yee" thus Yee would Make the base word Bagoon larger and more distinguished as if one were saying it was an "elite bagoon"
look Sauron, His Yeebaagooon is massive!!!
by Lolzrawr July 06, 2009
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Yeebaagooon is one of the mainly aliases used by a son of Osiris. Which one however remains a mystery. Some believe it was Horus. Some believe it was Anubis. A less popular idea is that Yeebaagooon was just a Demi-God who became Pharaoh of Upper Egypt. He had powers to empower his people and defend his kingdom from Smurfs an older nickname for Worshipper of Seth translated from ancient Egyptian. It was believed he was something akin to a Lightning God. During his time of rule Upper Egypt was nicknamed 'Upper Heaven' and Lower Egypt 'Lower Heaven' - signifying the supremacy of his kingdom.



1. To Yeebaagooon - to cite or quote others
2. Yeebaagooon - an offbeat signature
3. Yeebaagooon - Lightning, or more commonly the resulting sound Thunder


-Verb (with object).

1. Yeebaagoooned - Quoted or cited


1. Yeebaagoooning - Act of citing a source
"James, look! That guy just Yeebaagoooned you!"

"During my trip to Egypt there was a Thunder Storm, the locals mentioned they had a Deity named Yeebaagooon defending their city from invaders."
by Xzyiothe May 29, 2009
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