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A very awesome, very shy, and very outgoing in her own way. She is always there when you need her. She loves the little things. If any guy has her, he is the most luckiest guy in the world and should do whatever it takes to keep her happy cause she has the best smile that you will ever see. She is a strong woman at heart and will commit to anything she loves. She is a very beautiful woman (BB) that you will never want to look away once you see her. She has her own unique style of dressing. The more you are with her the more you never want to leave her. She is an angel from heaven to comfort you, love you, keep you warm, make anything special, keep you waiting for your kiss(I loved that I waited), and will be weird with you at anytime! She is my Teddybear!!! She is my love!! She is my everything!! I will never let her go! I love you Y<3-J
J: Man I am so LUCKY to have Yecenia in my life!!! I will never let her go cause I love her to death!!! I love you Teddybear!!
by J12711 October 07, 2011
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the best friend ever!!! she loves domos and always takes karols away i luv her to death and she is funny, crazy, and loves vampires!! and is one too(:
did u see yecenia today?

yeah i did isnt she hilarious?
by twilight obsessed76 January 12, 2010
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