1. A greeting predominantly used by southerners, Texans, hillbillies, and anyone who generally believes the south shall rise again. It can mean hello, hell yeah, or even I love you.

2. A way to express gratitude or the feeling you get when little billy shoots his first buck.
Paw: billy keep your eyes on him, breath in slow and squeeze the trigger when you breath out.
Billy: (slowly breaths and concentrates while squeezing trigger)
β€œLoud Bang”
Billy: I got him paw
Paw: YEYE that’s my boy
Billy: YEYE
by YEYEFerguson69420 April 25, 2019
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Ye Ye is a male (rarely female) form of saying yes, or agreeing to something. There are some variations of it, like Yeh Yeh or a higher pitched Yi Yi. Ye Ye is only used for closer lads, anyone else you dont spend too much time with, a proper response would be Yeah or Yes.
Friend- Oi mate you coming to the game tonight? Other Friend- Ye Ye ill be there.
by Danish_Cookie0908 October 10, 2019
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a saying of unknown origin spoken only by retarded wiggers who havnt the mental compasity to form the word "yes"
guy: the club was fun
girl: yeye
guy: you're fucking retarded
by your mom April 15, 2005
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A yeye or yeha is country person or can be referring to something a country person would do
Look at that yeye boy behind me with the 6000 lumos bar lights on his doge
by Drizztwillkill March 17, 2019
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ye ye is mostly used by that guy on tik tok
''ye ye singing challenge! FlY mE tO tHE MoOn''
by glittery cowboy September 10, 2020
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ye ye is mostly used by that one guy on tik tok
that guy: ''ye ye singing challenge! fLy Me tO ThE mOoN''
by glittery cowboy September 10, 2020
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Is a way of life one can live

a once perfect Minecraft world that represented a way of life
if not YEYE wrong.
by cefii March 25, 2021
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