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Man Flu or the common cold has an adverse affect on the male due to the difference in the genetic build up and the Y chromosome which only men have, the Virus will attack the Y chromosome and only the Y chromosome at a genetic level leading to a complete degradation of the males ability to perform.

The Y chromosome contains a gene, SRY, which triggers embryonic development as a male, the growth of testicles and the production of sperm.

The virus, a small infectious agent replicates magnanimously inside the living cells of the seminal fluid where it will spread out through the body in the plasmids (pieces of naked DNA that can move between cells) at an advanced rate.

This advanced onset of the illness allows the virus to affect the male body in a wider cellular way leaving them with all over muscle soreness and fever before spreading to the upper respiratory system, causing common cold symptoms, the virus will then attack the male nervous system causing more serious symptoms.

The symptoms uncommonly known as Ycromoszombia affect the male in many different ways to the female species of homo sapiens especially in the severity of the of the actual illness.
Where a woman may feel a little achy in the muscles and head the male will in fact suffer greatly more with an intense pain between the eyes and muscular dilapidation which would be likened to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME.

While only temporary the male would be unable to talk or walk around and when attempting too, it can create an adverse affect on the vocal cord of the male which will unwittingly let low groaning sounds emit from the throat, likening them to a zombie.

Again the throat area of the male will see a swelling which can only be relieved with the intake of alcohol generally in the form of Lager.

The symptoms in the female are much less intense and can be easily treated with a couple of Paracetemol and in the worst case cough medicine or a strong cup of coffee.

The symptoms in the male are much more difficult to alleviate and will require drastic actions to eradicate the virus, this is best achieved by the release of the Y chromosome’s which are held within the testicles in the form of semen.

I suggest that the next time that you feel the onset of Ycromoszombia you refer your lady friend to this article this subject and get the well deserved blow job or shag that would be greatly needed to help you recover
by Dirtystinkingsnitch September 12, 2013
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