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An ugly piece of trash with a sense of humor.

Most guy's crush on her thinking she is the most beautiful thing they've seen. She has a great sense of humor and she's kind. She can be intimidating when competing against her in tennis, for she is a very good tennis player. She is very popular and knows how to befriend everyone. Most people think she is drop dead gorgeous, but she doesn't think so. She doesn't like to sing in front of people, but the people she does sing in front of thinks that she has a beautiful voice (when her voice doesn't crack). They say the Salt Lake is the saltiest thing in the world... next to her when you get on her bad side. She has a resting bitch face, which can be hard to see since she likes to laugh all the time.
Wow, I'm so jealous of Yayoi she's just amazing!
by genericwhitegirl253 December 03, 2016
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