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This Beautiful name stands for strength, courage, intelligence, humor, and some much more.

A person that has this name is one of a kind. That person is sooo much more unique than anyone else is this world. She is like a princess that we all need to respect. She is Princess Yanni :)

Everyone wants to be like her. She is good at everything; from school, to sports, to art.

She is also a Super Hero, named Super Y. No not the one from the little kid show, that one is just a fake. Yannibeth is the real kind.
Her little brother is Hulk, but she likes to call him Hulky. and Together they are indestructible. If you are ever in a sticky situation, they are there to help you.
She has an amazing family! They all love and care for each other. They are all amazing and incredible!
Yannibeth is extremely Awesome. NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD can reach to her level of awesomeness. Yeah exactly, not even YOU!!
If you are someone she trust and feels comfortable with then you will now that she is crazy in a good way. She is extremely energetic and random.

Over all Yannibeth is simply amazing and no one will ever be able to be like her. Now, Goodbye sir/ma'am
Once you meet Yannibeth, you will instantly love her!
by Brobee June 28, 2012
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This name means someone smart, intelligent, energetic. Cares for others, never likes seeing someone upset.

Is the Awesomest person in the world that no one can beat her awesomeness.

Is a super hero named Super Y
by Brobee June 22, 2012
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