A YanAn is a very caring person that likes to be around people. He can be sensitive at times but still wants to make people happy even tho they are sad. It is rare to find a YanAn! He can have an amazing voice that is appreciated by close friends! He is cute and huggable. YanAn has very good looks that he even melt everybody's hearts around them! He can be random at times, but funny at the same time. YanAn's smile is very beautiful! If anyone finds a YanAn, keep them because they are very special and loyal.
Girl: "YanAn is so cute he makes my heart flutter so much!"
Girl 2: "Whoever is dating him is very fortunate to have an angel as a boyfriend!"
by Peachy Mochi November 21, 2018
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Yanan is a sweet, beautiful and talented man.

He is really handsome, tall and looks like an angel. Yanan is shy with new people and he really cares for his friends.
Yanan's boyfriend, Junhui, said Yanan looks like a real angel.

ㅡ Yeah man, he does.
by seventeen carat April 11, 2022
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yanan is the most perfect guy in the world. He can sing, dance, act, cook, breath, etc.
He also good at cobra dance
A: who is that? he really talented
B: oh! that's yanan from pentagon
by veryananptg November 24, 2021
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