5 definitions by seventeen carat

It's another way to call YanAn from Pentagon.
Since they have been dating for a long time.
X: Oh! Is that Wen Junhui's husband?
Z: Yeah, that's YanAn. They are a lovely couple.
X: Sweet.
by seventeen carat April 13, 2022
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A very handsome boy. Beautiful and ethereal.

Jun in chinese means handsome.
Yanan and Jun are dating.

ㅡ¡Wow! im happy for him. His boyfriend is such a Junhui.
by seventeen carat October 12, 2020
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Yanan is a sweet, beautiful and talented man.

He is really handsome, tall and looks like an angel. Yanan is shy with new people and he really cares for his friends.
Yanan's boyfriend, Junhui, said Yanan looks like a real angel.

ㅡ Yeah man, he does.
by seventeen carat April 11, 2022
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That's another way to call Yan An from the kpop group Pentagon. Wen Junhui from Seventeen and YanAn are a couple.
A: Wen Junhui said that he likes YanAn. And Yanan said he likes Junhui too, omg.
B: Well, Yanan is Junhui's boyfriend, so... not a surprise.

A: They are so cute, i can't.
by seventeen carat April 13, 2022
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A very beautiful and handsome man.

Jun means handsome.
- Yanan is so lucky, his boyfriend is Moon Junhui.
-Wow, Junhui, what a beautiful man.
by seventeen carat September 2, 2021
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