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Yali is the softest person on this earth. She is so sweet and will repeatedly tell you how much she loves and adores you. She is always saying "I love you" and spills her heart out. I mean it when i say shes a huge softy. Not only is she the sweetest and most loving human being but she is so beautiful. Words cannot describe how beautiful and gorgeous she is. God took his time on her, he hand crafted Yali. The stars were aligned when she was born. Did i mention she loves talking about stars and the moon, she loves to compare others to the night sky but little does she know she's more ethereal than the stars and the whole entire milky way galaxy.
Yali is so beautiful.
by kiara8 September 04, 2017
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Yali can be anyone or anything, and can be used in every sentence:
Jim: Why are you such a yali Bob?
Bob: You're the yali.
by kabir November 24, 2014
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