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When a woman with a gag reflex is in the process of giving oral sex and has the urge to vomit at the same point in time the man ejaculates in her mouth ... she then proceeds to garle and swallow the vomit and cum mixture. This could potentially cause burns on the males penis from the stomach acids that are gargled in the womens mouth along with the cum.
This one bitch was sucking my dick and all of a sudden she started yaking while I was cumming and that bitch took the YAKCUM down like a vanilla ice cream smoothie.

After our first date bowling and a couple sodas later I decided that tonight was the night to perform my first BJ. Little did I know that I would invent a new sex move ... "The Yakcum". To this day I don't know if the look on his face was of pleassure or of excruciating pain from mixture of stomach acids and cum that I was gargling in my mouth.
by guyintheknow July 28, 2009
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