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Yakama is when you cough up a crusty throat boogers. Usually common in crusty grandmas and grandpas. Be sure to stay away from people with these yakamas or else you could get them to!!
Rocco: Ew grandma did you just cough up a yakama
Zane: I think she did...
Grandma: I received this yakama from Aaron.

Rocco: ew now Iā€™m gonna stay away from Aaron and grandma!!
Zane: omg I think I just got a yakama!!
Rocco: now I got to stay away from all of you
by BE AWARE OF THE YAKAMA May 25, 2018
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Noun: Where Carly's grand-dad is form on the show iCarly. Also a place that produces old men like Carly's that can walk on their hands and other shit like that.
Wow, I can tell that that man is from Yakama because he is walking on his hands and he's 92 years old!
by maryy327 January 01, 2016
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A local Avacado Tree plant located in Tasmania.
Me: Did you see that Yakama?
Them: Totally Dude.
by Iā€™m important May 17, 2018
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