Bro you should’ve sent it, last night I yeeted on her yaffas
by Yeetinonyoyaffas July 16, 2018
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Yaffa is a girl that at first may seem very sweet and innocent but if you push her buttons wrong, will turn into a crazy bitch and go all ham on your ass! She is kind, compassionate, devoted, hardworking, and romantic asf!! When she catches the feels for a guy she falls for them hardddd!! She almost always has time for her friends and will make time if needed. She's cute asf and just overall is a great female to hang out with and is quite the party animal!
Guy 1: Hey do you see that girl over there she's cute asf!
Guy 2: Ikr and that girl is throwing it backkkk goddamn
Guy 1: She must be a Yaffa.
by Bhaddie#7 February 03, 2019
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