You wanna fight about it? Question, phrase, expletive.

You say this when you feel like pretending you are an Italian mobster. This phrase must always be spoken with a stereotypical Italian accent.
Them: "Dude, you completely fucked up my science project when you poured beer on it!"

You: "You wanna fight about it?"

by DJ Gorilla December 3, 2006
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This is a phrase you say jokingly whenever someone else thinks that he or she is right.
Person 1:"Ha! You suck at this game"
Person 2:"You think your better than me?You wanna fight about it?"
Person 1:"Com'on let's go!"

*Both put up their fists*
by Swimmer101 January 7, 2014
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When someone wanna talk shit, but in reality, won't actually do anything.
Megan: You a fat ass bitch.

Amanda: But you don't wanna fight.
by fatashkellyprice September 14, 2018
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Be petty and have a sassy mouth with your friend and tell them you wanna fight

by unknownpersonnnn41141 January 14, 2022
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