"we out to this party , finna be lit. YKTV"
by niyahlitty November 23, 2018
The word YKTV is short for You Know The Vibe originating from New York slang
This party is lit YKTV
by KNO May 12, 2020
You Know the Vibes or just You Know the Vibe

Something to say when given a compliment
Homie: Yo , I like that Sweater you got, where’d you get it?
You: Ah thanks G, You Know the Vibes

Or when someone comments something on your IG:
You reply by saying:YKTV
by Orions Oblivion November 6, 2019
STANDS FOR YOU,Know,The,VIBES... wich is very iconic and dumb asf
by YKTV_MIRA February 23, 2020
*posts snap drinking with a solo cup* “#yktv”
by Bscar_bossassbitch March 17, 2018
Im about to go out with my friends yktv
by Swervoo February 25, 2019