Short for: You just got Sarge'D

First used in the Red vs. Blue PSA: Online Survival Tips
User 1: What planet we on?
User 2: Earth Dumbass!
User 3: YJGS!
by RvB June 26, 2012
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acronym for you just got served. Used primarily in instant messaging and text messaging. The original phrase gained popularity after the release of the movie with the same name. It is used primarily by retarted individuals who cannot think of a real insult,so they enhance their shit insult with this phrase as a modifier; also used by those who end up making a hybrid double insult by using it in a sarcastic, comical,and suprisingly intelligent way.
normalhuman43: so whats up?
fucktard3: you are!
fucktard3: yjgs!!!!!!!!!!
normalhuman43: im gonna murder your family like a bad litter of puppies.
by you just got goth served June 17, 2004
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AKA: You Just Got Served.

The gayest saying started due to the release of a very lame movie. Most of the lameass people on the internet use it because they think that it is a cool thing to say, when really its one of the most annoying and lame sayings I've ever heard. If you ever stoop low enough to say this, I suggest you go buy yourself a pistol and shoot yourself now please. Thank you.
Lameass: Hahaha man I'm the greatest you suck man hahha
NormalPerson: Yeah...right..
(and every once in a while when people say it in real life this happens)
by Kazer July 7, 2004
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You just got soobined.
do you know what yjgs means?
by yjgsofficial January 8, 2021
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