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An acronym for "Yeah, fuck yeah." Used as an exclamation of strong approval, most frequently on the Internet or other environments in which informal shorthand is commonly used, although IRL use is more acceptable than with most other online acronyms.
The Hurricanes just won the Stanley Cup! YFY!!! XD
by El Schwartzo June 19, 2006
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Abbreviation for the common NZL phrase, 'Yo Fuck Yo'. Used in the New Zealand Black Power gang.
Person: "Seig fuckin heil! "
Reply: "Fuck you you little twelvie bitch I'll fuckin smash you if you run your mouth like that again cunt. YFY"
by yourmumjayden46 March 26, 2017
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Abbreviation for 'yeah fuck yeah'. Used as a statement of agreement when the lads think of something worth your participation. Antonym - NFN (Nah fuck no)
Billy: Boys, I'm feeling pretty thirsty. Who wants to get wankered tonight?
Gus: YFY
by djjnrsxx April 13, 2016
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