Y3K is a derivate of the Y2K fashion revival and used as a general term for the futuristic looks that were popular back in the day. The term means "3000s" and refers to how the outfits look like if they came straight out of the distant future.
"Y3K has become a popular buzzword on social media by Gen Z."
by Kurumi Nanase May 24, 2023
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The Best admin in "Tom's Lounge"

A hot, attractive, cute, not a simp , active, absolute god and lord, a nice boy who curses a lot, and will get Server-Manager one day, and also big-dicked
Sara: Y3K is the BEST MOD EVER!!!
Danny: I Know, Y3K is so good at moderating
by BigBoyDefininitions. January 23, 2022
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stands for the year 3000. a jonas brothers song appearing on their first and second albums (its about time and jonas brothers)

this was first introduced by band member, nick jonas, when writing in order what songs were going to be played for a venue. ironically enough, nick doesn't like it when people abreviate the titles of songs. but, apparently, he likes y3k enough to call it such.
"dude! the world won't end in 2012! the jonas brothers have been to the y3k!"
by hanninnbobb January 2, 2010
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