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Xileds are more than likely going to be one of the worst people you'll ever meet. Very often he will be retarded, and extremely butt-ugly. His smile will send a thousand locusts into a panicking frenzy, just buzzing around your head. Xileds tend to be lying bastards, but it doesn't take a lot for a Xiled to trust another. He will always know exactly what to say to make you want to kill him; stupid or ignorant. He tends to be a big bitch, but when he finds someone who actually doesn't hate him, he will punch them in the vagina. Xileds have a lot of problems, and are very bad in sports (and life). He will fall in love very fast, with a 10 year old boy. He will lie to you. He'll do basically anything he can just to piss you ff, even if that means going to the extreme. Can often be clingy, in a fucking creepy way. He will always be there for you in any time you want him to go away. If you don't have a Xiled as a friend (or more) already, lucky you.
He is hideous! Is his name Xiled?

That guy over there, Xiled, is so obnoxious!

I'm glad I'm not a Xiled!

I wish I didn't have a Xiled.

Fuck you, Xiled.
by Notxiled June 17, 2013
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