Xie Lian is the main character of Tian Guan Ci Fu/Heaven Official's Blessing. He's an 800 year old immortal trash collector who used to be the crown prince of a kingdom. He's known as the flower crowned martial god and as the scrap-collecting immortal. He's married to Hua Cheng, who is known as the crimson rain sought flower, one of the four calamities.
A: Hey did you know Xie Lian is a terrible cook?
B: No, but he can't be that bad.
A: He is. His food can be used as poison lmao
by idk_anything_at_all March 2, 2021
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Xie Lian is Xie Lian, Xie Lian has never done anything wrong. Xie Lian is the crown prince of XianLe from " Heaven Official's Blessing " 天官赐福 written by 墨香. Xie Lian is HuaCheng's ( aka XieLian's biggest simp ghost king ) He is the most perfect and most innocent person ever.
I fucking love Xie Lian from TGCF. He's the most amazing and perfect character ever. A smol ferret
by Chuwanningsfeet November 23, 2021
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perfect one and only in this world still wondering if this person has changed it legally or not love it
i love kim xie lian hes/shes/theyre so perfect and they are genderfluid too and also gay i love them so much
by Kim Xie Lianuwu November 21, 2021
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