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A fly guy right here. To know Xergio is an experience! For one thing, he's absolutely insane, but in the best way possible. When your parents ask you if you'd jump off a cliff just because your friend did... Xergio is the "friend" that they are warning you about. He’s also the friend that people don't know that they need: the friend that will encourage you, challenge you, take care of you, and lend an ear and a word of advice when necessary. Despite his spontaneous and seemingly outrageous ideas, Xergio is an extremely calculated guy. Everything that he does is with carried out with thoughtful intention and he desires to live his life in a meaningful way that puts others needs before his own. He’d give you the clothes off of his own back if you needed them (which, would be an honor for anyone considering he is one of the most stylish people to grace the Earth). Any time with him is quality time! Similar to his name, he is definitely one-of-a-kind, and he makes all of the Sergio's of the world question whether they should legally change that S into an X to boost their coolness points.
Guy: What is super hip, incredibly witty, endlessly talented, and has a jawline stronger than your WiFi connection?

Girl: A Xergio of course!

Ariana Grande: Thank you, Next. I'm so grateful for my (X)ergio.
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by Wise Spectator January 24, 2019
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A servant or attendant of God, Sergio.
Xergio is a vehement employee who respects and loves all the customers he gets.
by Spectating Fool January 14, 2017
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