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Xepher is an amazing person. She is sweet, kind and all around a great friend. She’ll be there to comfort you on your bad days, and she’ll make sure she makes you laugh, or at least smile. Her style can range from a soft girl to the satanic girl who wears the devils skin. She and Griffin make an absolutely adorable couple, and don’t you dare fight me on that.
Girl 1: have you seen Xepher? I love her outfit!

Girl 2: omg she looks amazing!
by Traphousefan346 October 18, 2019
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A song on beatmania, which is the most awsome song on earth, and it also is avaliable for stepmania as well. It is very good.
I ate Xepher for breakfast.

Xepher is good with eggs.
by Songeater October 02, 2006
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