The person from dragid who "believes" girls like him.
"I got 4 girls that like me" Xenon
"Ok Name Them!" This Person is under protection and name couldnt be given out
"They come on at night" Xenon
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A fat ginger man who eats out of the trash can. he tends to get kicked out of bars for filming girls asses. he also films girls from his window.
by pauldenino13337 January 25, 2019
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a amazing phone, that has a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. easy to use. takes great pictures. its pretty nice.
at&t person: hey try out the new lg xenon! its the next IT phone!
you: ok!
by brian_lover85 July 05, 2009
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Any of various male children usually in their early teens that repetitively ask questions and/or temper others graphically.
Last night, Tommah was pulling a xenon on Neal when his pop tarts were taken without his permission.
by sdrtyusdgeryieehrt56 May 16, 2007
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literally the greatest partner in the world so cute and cool
p1: dude theyre so amazing
p2: ik theyre such a xenon
by kokichisleftleg April 12, 2021
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