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It is a noun which originated because of the fact that nothing is truly true since to some extent words are made up to convey ununderstood feeling.

Xhex means unconditionally true.

If something is xhex then it is true no matter scenario or condition is added and it has to be free of human tempering or "creation"

Example. Anything using words might be true but it is not xhex since words were created by humans.

Xhex leaves room for only truth and not manufactured truth which is what people are being exposed to these days.

Verb form. Xhex. Xhexed. Xhexing
Adjective form. Xhex
Tripton-There's no words which can explain what we just experienced.

Zai-Yes there is, Xhex

Gengus- Couldnt have said it better.

Zai- Literally
by SirzechsQuasar February 19, 2018
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