A 16-bit PC sold in Japan inthe late 1980s. Its particular twin tower case was dubbed "Manhattan shaped".
The X68000 was released in 1987.
by Vonen June 12, 2016
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An oscure ass japanese exclusive gaming PC by Sharp with a proprietary OS and games manufactured from 1987 to 1993 with various different models. The X68000 launched for a very expensive price, being worth more than $3,000 USD at launch. The X68000 could be upgraded in various ways and had a bunch of great arcade perfect games and space shooters. It was super powerful for the time, surpassing the Genesis before it came out. It was even used for game development by Capcom and had alot of developer support. Alot of popular 2d games at the time came to the computer and surpassed their console version's counterparts. One of the downfalls of the system were it's floppy discs, which could not hold as much data as a cartridge. Alot of games were multidisc and required frequent disc-swapping. Nowadays units for the system are quite rare, usually costing $1,500 with games also costing in the hundreds. The reason for this rarity is unknown, but the system can be easily emulated. The systems also have faulty power supplies nowadays. Overall, a great and intresting piece of gaming history and beloved by the few people who give a shit. This would definitely make the PC Master Race proud.
Person 1: "Bruh, how the fuck did you get a Sharp X68000? Those things cost $1,000 on Ebay!"
Person 2: "I found it in a dumpster."
by Doomerzan September 30, 2020
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Some obscure ass gaming PC from Japan that was released in 1987 and sold through to 1993 by SHARP for an obscene amount of money that tried to compete with the popular at the time PC 98. It was basically a hyper-buffed up genesis in computer form and, similarly to the Sega Saturn, there's boundless amounts of great arcade ports and shmups for the system. There's no general consencus on it's sales numbers and how much of a success it was, at least in english speaking territories. It might have been a failure due to it's high price + rarity for games and software in the modern day along with the price the system was originally sold at, however it gained alot of developer traction back when it first was released. The system runs on a proprietary OS and has proprietary games. Each unit was upgradable in various ways, such as RAM upgrades, different types of floppy/CD drives, and a MIDI sound module, and the system also had various models. It was the last completely original computer SHARP ever released. Overall, a pretty good system and beloved by the few people who give a damn.
Person 1: BRUH, how da fuk did you get a Sharp X68000? Those things literally go for $1,500 on ebay!
Person 2: I found it in a dumpster
by Doomerzan September 29, 2020
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