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The decade of the years 2010-2019 similar in name to previous decades such as the twenties, thirties, etc. Named the X-ties because by roman numerals:
2010: MMX
2011: MMXI
2012: MMXII
2013: MMXIII
2014: MMXIV
2015: MMXV
2016: MMXVI
2017: MMXVII
2019: MMXIX
The X-ties look to be just as eventfull as the Noughties
by Hirork July 02, 2010
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An amazingly skilled / talented guy that although is skilled and talented is surprisingly is sexy as hell.

(Pronounced Eks-Tie)
Damn girl! Did you hear his beautiful voice singing that song last night on American Idol? I was floored to see that was an XTy singing on that microphone!!

That was the best F1 Racecar driver we had ever seen, but being an XTy he was busy with the ladies...the next day we could hardly get him to the racetrack!

Brad Pitt is a talented and amazing actor, but being an XTy studmuffin has certainly helped boost his popularity.
by Celestevieve January 04, 2010
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