X'Munk (X'Munk: noun. X = Christ, Munk = A person who vows for a purpose) is a term for a person who vows of prosperity, charity, and the order of Christ, which is: love God, love others, love thyself, and love thy enemies.
Dang, the X'Munk drives a lambo to a Church.
You could be an X'Munk if you were raised to kill people with kindness.
Look at you, why are you extra nice to people who are mean to you? You're either a coward or an X'Munk. LOL.
I feel like an X'Munk today. So, I'm gonna treat myself good.
I saw a bunch of X'Munks at charity events today.
The world needs X'Munks for peace in an insane world.

Person: "I love you stranger".
Stranger: "Why, I don't even know you".
Person: "Cause I'm an X'Munk."

Person: "You've been mean to me all day."
Enemy: "So, what?"
Person: "Can I treat you right?"
Enemy: "Who are you gonna treat me right?"
Person: "I'm an X'Munk."
Enemy: "What the hell is X'Munk?"
Person: "Those who love their enemy."
by HarryTango August 12, 2023
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