A boy whom in school you would peek into his book to copy some answers when instead you'd be greeted with a collection of scarily well drawn penises and as he flips the page you'd see something that even god himself would gawk and gag at. Wyll is a majestic human being who is admired by many desirable females despite his offputing talent for drawing penises. Something about him seems to make girls go fuzzy in the brain, truly an absolute stunner; the opitime of fitness, he can run miles, collapse and run another km. He also has an absolutely gargantuan cock.
"Hey you see him over there, venessa?"
*venessa screams* "Holy shit it's wyll, let me get in his bed right now - I'm going limp in the legs"
by Wyll_not_will November 13, 2020
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A cool way some people nicknamed “Will” would spell their name.
“Will spells his name as Wyll on games and social media
by Quoxe April 9, 2019
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A term used while texting or flirting
Wyll can be a bad or good thing depending on if you are good looking a way it can be used is if you texting a girl and she says what you look like or wyll in case she has ent see ur face
by Jdottygzzz August 1, 2023
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