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It is used in the comic series "Erma" by Brandon Santiago and stands for fans of the fictional franchise "Warrior Unicorn Princess".
"Heck, there are actually grown ups who are wupers. So, if you're into this girly stuff, go ahead and girl out."
by PrincessPinkSparkleUnicorn February 07, 2019
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An utter of sound representing a pause or hesitation is speech. Also used to define a long breath during a sentence, where the sentence goes unfinished for longer than it normally would.

Wuper could also be defined as a word that you would use to put a finishing touch on a sentence.

For example: I had a super duper wuper good time!
Haw Super Duper Happy Expression Pause Stop Hesitant Length of time Discomfort Wuper
by MisStalker June 30, 2011
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