Ella is so wuddly!
Those kittens are really wuddly
by Ella Bryant July 18, 2008
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someone who is cuddly. Possibly cute and chubby. Lame word to speak to/about a baby.
"Aww, look you!! Coo coo gaa gaa...you're so Cuddly-Wuddly"
by myxci September 4, 2007
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This means that something is so cuddly, it makes you want to hold it 24/7!
In other words, you can let go of a object.
Mollie "Hey I can't let go of my fluffy cat Apollo,he's so cuddly"

Jimmy " I think your suffering from cuddly wuddly syndrome."
by Ling ling 2013 September 7, 2013
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