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Wuckels: interjection
The term "Wuckels" is used as an exclamatory or interrogative remark, meaning "What the hell?" or "WTF." However, Wuckels is used especially in situations involving
It is derived from the exclamation "What the f***," which morphed into the term "WTF" when used online. WTF evolved into FTW, which, through creative genius, developed into the following three-line expression:
The final step in the development of this word occurred when the F. T. parts were dropped, leaving the simple yet versatile Wuckels.
Wuckels is nearly always used online, but it can be used in everyday conversation, though the person who says it will probably get weird looks.
Frank: "So-get this- my cat was having sex with a papaya on the kitchen table, and I got out my camera-"
Cole: "Wuckels...!?"

Moron: "Karl Rove and Diana West are the two most caring people in the world!"
Cole: "Wuckels. Both of them are so ignorant it makes your head hurt."
God: "Word."
by Student of Zen September 21, 2005
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