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to receive a written disciplinary notice on conduct and action in the work place.
Bob: Russell, you were 5 hours late. You will receive a write up.

Russell: But those guy left me at White Castle last night! I had to blow the large black man for a ride home. And he din't give it to me either! I called my mom and dad and they told me I suck! I finally got home by calling my friend with the Mercury Sable, but I had to promise him my tight nerd ass.

Bob: You will receive an additional write up for being stupid. You can go home now.

Russell: YEA! Yu-Gi-Oh is on!
by sextoaster December 17, 2004
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A term used by "lads" it means going to graffiti it is the street term.
lad1:Sd0in lAdskee lEts Write Up bRaz
lad2:Nm lAd...wEr u WannA Writ bRa
lad1 AnyWer lad Sg0 BrA
lad2:AiitE lad
by BENJII92 September 27, 2006
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A process that leads the phd student to spending most of his time on Facebook or YouTube.
I think Christophe is writing up a phd. He sent me tree YouTube videos today.
by phd February 15, 2012
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When instead of being "written up" for poor job performance etc. You are taken out behind the building and summarily beaten up.
If you don't that mess cleaned up in a hurry I'm going to give you a Staten Island write up.
by slipsheet February 7, 2005
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What teachers Threaten/Promise to write a referral or something to the principle or something....It depends on what you did or how many times you got "written up" on how Threathening it is, But it's not very threatening in most situations

Person: ok
by Rubik7 October 4, 2017
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Manager, also the master of the writing up arts.
"You forgot to punch for your breaks? IM GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE YOU UP."
by Bob Tracy December 9, 2004
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