A medium sized college located in southwest Ohio that serves mainly commuters. WSU is known for its lame parties,decent dorm rooms, excellent engineering program , and its hot girls. Many kids there wear Wright State t-shirts in order to remind themselves what school they go too.
I park out in lot 20 because I love walking 20 miles to get to my car!
I came to Wright State University because my parents made me!
I'm transferring to 0SU in 2 years.
by John D'ope October 23, 2005
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A mid-sized, public university located in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. Named after the Wright brothers. Known for its nursing, engineering, and psychology programs. Not known for parties. Best bang for your buck in Ohio as far as education goes. The campus is beautiful and clean and the people are friendly. By far the best school in the greater Dayton area. The air force base is nearby so there are always men in uniform around. The girls are among the most attractive college girls in the country. Almost all of them are in a relationship, usually long-distance.
UD student: where do you go to school?
WSU student: Wright State University
UD student: oh, I like to spend a ridiculous amount of money for exactly the same product so I can feel superior.

Guy 1: woah that chick is hot!
Guy 2: yeah she is! I bet she goes to Wright State University.
by raider4ever April 1, 2011
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Originally the Dayton branch campus for both Miami University (Oxford, OH) and Ohio State University. Athletic teams compete in the Horizon League. Right State, Wrong School...
I'm going to Wright State University right now, hoping to transfer soon.
by Buck_nut November 7, 2007
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If hell exists, it exists at Wright State University.
by theeruglare September 18, 2017
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